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Our Election-Our Choice

January 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Hi it’s me again ! :)…. Today is Friday, a part of the weekend holiday in my Iraq (which lasts for two days-Friday and Saturday), and I am stuck at home trying to study, the only way I get to leave my house is when I go to my college, that’s not the typical picture down here but it is because of so many sad personal reasons that I do not want to bore all of you with, so here I am sitting infront of my laptop with my book in my lap and drowning in my own thoughts… On the 7th of March 2010 there’ll be parliamentary elections in my Iraq (hopefully)… Sometimes I like to close my eyes and I just try to fantasize about my Iraq (not the current one but the one I want it to be like), but the vision is always blurred and not clear… I always keep telling myself that may be the picture will get clearer and less blurred after the 2010 parliamentary elections, after all those elections will be a very important landmark that will decide our future for four years to come… Now in these elections there’re two main political agendas that will furiously fight with each other inorder to get the approval of ordinary Iraqis, the 1st one has this national approach that seeks to unify all Iraqis together and deals with our Iraq as one strong and sovereign unit, while the 2nd one has this sectarian approach that seeks to make our loyalties to our ethnic and religious background more important and vital to us than our loyalty to our beloved Iraq… The people standing behind the 2nd agenda flourish and blossom via creating fear and inciting hatred and sectarian tensions amongst ordinary Iraqis, they want to make us lose hope in the idea of ”unified Iraq” and turn to our sects and tribes for protection from this factitious danger they themselves have taken a significant role in creating, they even exploit religious emotions and rituals inorder to make political gains ahead of the elections… Of course there’re also other political agenda and other people standing behind those agendas, there’re the former Baathists who despairedly seek to return to power falsely disguised as nationalists, and also there’re those people who are promoting and encouraging foreign interferences in our Iraq, ect., ect.,. The good news is that we’re the ones who get to decide who gets to power, and that’s why raising awareness and talking about the issues that matter to us the most are xtremely important… We should care and we should work on making this election succeed because if we screw it up then we will all lose…. Much love and blessings to all of you from my Baghdad, the city of pain, hope, and magic tales… Yours forever, Lubna….

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